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Reviews for "Brad n Dan: Amiibutt Unboxing"

Can't believe I'm using my special super-rare 5 gold stars on this generic piece of shit. You make 5 gold stars shit. I don't even know what to feel right now.

PhantomArcade responds:

I'm deeply honored.

That escalate quickly, but overall it was hilarious.

The pillow.. i want one T_T


Ahh, yes.... Yewtewber retardation demonstrated in a fine manner. The animation is splendid and fluid. The second I heard Josh's and Zach's voice, I knew I was in for a ride.

Brilliant stuff. Don't stop creating.


PhantomArcade responds:

And a ride it was, indeed. Thanks for watching!

Is this nepotism? Very proud of your effort resulting in something quality