Reviews for "TrumpGrounds"

So I should never play slots in real life. Thank you for teaching me this lesson.

For those having trouble playing the game anymore, now that it's no longer the Trump background, shrink down your browser window to a smaller size and then use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom to scroll it to the right slightly and there's your slot machine handle back again.

Just try it. Works on Firefox at least at the time I'm typing this up. Sound is no longer present though.

Great game. Managed to cheat it by using firefox extensions and a modified script. Enjoyable though.

Well, aren't you a clever fellow? Pretty neat trick with the site skin and portal labels.

It's a less compelling slot machine game than ones I've seen tossed into casinos in Dragon Quest games, or whatever, but that's clearly not the point.

fearless leader! viva la Trump Grounds!

RIP precious one-armed harbinger of the mighty and kickass Trump Grounds April Somethingsomething Day.