Reviews for "TrumpGrounds"

So glad this thing got medals! :D Though I wonder what'll happen with it when Trump Day is over. Hope it'll be possible to preserve even without menu, or if it's possible for the game to hack site elements on this one particular page that'd open for some interesting programming potentials on other people's projects... anyway, turned into an addicting little gadget this thing, easy to play, and easy to keep playing, and for a while it seemed like it was harder to loose your money than it was to win, but seems like I just had a few lucky streaks in the beginning. Cool stuff; definitely made this first of April one of the greatest ones ever!


U can see the medal points over there :)

Cute prank. I AM a supporter, and it still played the same for me. I would get the occasional 3 of a kind, but nothing more. And, yes, I'd get countless "almost 7 in a row" where only #2 was off. It's rigged like every other slot machine...maybe worse, because randomly sometimes you do hit 4 or 5 in a row.

It was simple and it fit into the theme - but as slot simulators go, it could have been a little more interesting.

Thanks for the chuckles!

Cool Little Easter Egg #MakeAmericaShitAgain

Sitting here trying to figure out your algorithm for this... Honestly it seems like you've copied actual slot machine formulas pretty well.

So yeah guys. It' rigged. All slot machines are. They work on a predetermined odds system for payout so that you lose all your money and casinos get all your money, but you still feel like 'luck' is involved. Also, I'm a supporter and ain't nothing special happening for me.

In short, if you hate this game, never play real slots.

Cool idea, and while a total copy could be hard to make math-wise (I have no idea), I was kinda hoping for something more original. Plain layout but functional and real cool with the execution of it. Great prank and good work.