Reviews for "Trump Clicker"

Only way to make this better is some optional music and start with a small loan of a million dollars

Solid re imagining of the Hit that brought you Cookie now with real actual consequences of the World's Fate the Donald Trump Simulator, it's all true, Social media, Advertising, Campaigns and Endorsements all benefit Politicians in some way or another!

Plus that is a well designed Donald Trump you did there, BRILLIANT, I await the next Big Bargain Model Clicking Simulator!

nothing interesting

Actually, this is how Hillary is running her campaign, not trump:
Hillary is actively looking for more and more donations and is pretty much bought and paid for.
Trump on the other hand is not actively looking for donations. He just accepts it when people throw money at him and then tells you "no strings attached sucker!", that's all.

Best part of this game? In the "If you liked this, check these out!" section there's "Poop Clicker" by 3cr. Yep, perfect comparison NG.