Reviews for "Trump Clicker"

trump will prevail/shall prevail and will win and will be the new president of the united states of trump soon!

This is how you make 'MERICA great again, by clicking trump until he is full of brouses (idk if i spelled that correct)
5/5 10/10 1337/420 would click trump again! (wait that was an unintensional rhyme, LOL)

I just needed a small loan of a million dollars to start the game.

I only have a couple of suggestions:

The progression rate is a bit off with the clicking. Especially the automatic income rate compared to click amount. You should be increasing the income amount just by about 8% more compared to the click amount.

Second, you make this too small. Add more into it please.

I can't believe this game only got a 9.5/10 from IGN!

Also, can't believe I played this this far: