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Reviews for "Wipo"

Challenging and addicting, It's visually pleasing to look at at the same time

Nice Job! Interesting game. Maybe optimize it for pc before putting it here though? The controls at the start still say: "Touch to advance" and the game is a bit difficult to play with the mouse. Other than that, keep it up!

BlueSn0w responds:

Hello , you can play with "Space" button too

Meh.. feels like something I've already seen. Nothing new.
The graphics aren't either a so good, the square edges looks pixelated
I pass almost levels randomly clicking, some levels are fairly impossible of passing
No music or sound effects
Only thing I liked was the animation effects, keep working on it

BlueSn0w responds:

Hello ,
I really appreciate the feedback , and i respect your opinion but don't you think 1 star is bit harsh ?
And that's the point of the game , in the description you'll notice that it depends on reaction time and luck , of course some levels are hard just like any other game
And the game do have sound , it start muted so it don't disturb players
I hope you change your opinion .

Both dying and completing all levels went surprisingly fast thanks to the 'skip level' function. :) I played the first few, then in a fit of aggravation gave it a try aaand just a few seconds to complete the game! What I did play looks great though: a creative platformer with one-button control and seemingly abundant surplus of levels, each level not just an increase in obstacles, but often a twist on angle and physics as well. Once you get into the grove I'm sure it'll be easier than it seems too, though that final medal's one worthy challenge! Overall great game design, slick interfaces (I like the added background toggle), sounds, and a tutorial that's so easy to understand you barely notice it. Feels like a really refined game. Nice work.


Finished all levels first died 65 times great game got all medals.