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Reviews for "Wipo"

It's okay, but I just skipped the last four levels since they are too difficult to complete without instant acceleration. Also, "A chive ments," lol

Decent concept but frustrating gameplay. You need to build up speed to pass some obstacles and that's when the cube gets out of shape and starts rolling rather than staying flat and you die. I also think some of the obstacles have way to fine a line to get through, you have to be 100% in a certain place at a certain time, this is the reason I gave up with it in the end, strangely the last level was far easier than some of the others.

This is really pretty.. I like the shadows and stuff. Looks legit. Pretty good game play.

The game is decent,but i don't think it should be on Newgrounds because this website is more of flash /pixelart and indie hub (just a bit more thought through games) so,yeah...

BlueSn0w responds:

Well , as far as i know the website is open to all kind of games .
So why rating it according to that ? who said that games should only be pixel art ? flash ?
I hope you change your mind in the near future

Looks pleasant, simple interface, enjoyable palette but I'm not a huge fan of one-button games, even if this is a mobile app.

PS: *than