Reviews for "Pokemon's Bitter Reality"

Quite the bitter truth there.
I actually feel that the Poke'mon series has been overstretched in this decade alone.
I've been a fan since the 90s and been patiently waiting for the finale when Ash and Pikachu finally become champions. It even felt like they were finally getting somewhere with the Battle Frontier and Sinnoh leagues. But then Unova happened and everyone's favorite protagonists devolved back into an ignorant child and a beginner Poke'mon with nothing gained from over a decade of adventures and experience!!!!!!! If you ask me, they could learn a thing or two from Digi'mon. That show maybe over, but at least the protagonists matured with each battle fought. It haunts me to think that Ash still won't come anywhere near a championship win in Kalos or any other washed out generation in years to come.

LinkTCOne responds:

Digimon finished because it had a story, Ash will unfortunately never become a Champion, because when he does - the series is over. Thanks for the review!

Wasn't really too new. Back when the show came out quite a few articles compared it to cock-fighting when for someone who hasn't heard is shocking but that's about it. The talking things also been joked about before. Arts styles a bit different, not entirely sure if that's just your particular style or if you were aiming to make it grittier? If you were aiming for that a lil more focus on the harm aspect would go a long way. If your going for shock value a bit more effort is needed these days. All n all an alright flash but not new.

LinkTCOne responds:

Fair point, although if I wanted to be super original then I wouldn't do a Pokemon Parody haha! They're probably the most covered thing on this website. I just had a cool idea for the speech and rolled with it. I'm well aware of all the parodies/criticisms as they informed this animation.

This is my kind of art style, yes. But I'm constantly developing it. Thanks for the feedback.

I really liked this and the humor was spot on <3 I think my only critique is that some of the animation could have been smoother, and on the shot where it's just silhouettes the shapes of the characters could have been stronger in my opinion.
But I really liked it overall :3

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks! Great feedback I appreciate it.

yaaaaaaaay!!! now that was how you give up bitter reality! not like these other chumps from this site!

LinkTCOne responds:

Cheers dude!

Well, i am not dissappointed.
That was deep.....
Real deep......

The credits though.

LinkTCOne responds:

Seriously, Digimon was the best.