Reviews for "Pokemon's Bitter Reality"

Digimon got wrote off as a pokemon clone, meanwhile pokemon blatantly rips digimon with mega evolutions and people eat it up.
Beautiful singing voice and a well written speech, bravo.

LinkTCOne responds:

Digimon was so great.

Good times man, dat diddly-o feelerino. lol "dont sue me plz".

LinkTCOne responds:

What, I don't wanna get sued! :)

3 stars because it freezes when playing this. 100% you coded something worng that keeps on creating objects or something (like a "while" function) and it produces this unbearable lagg. Please check coding.

LinkTCOne responds:

This is absolutely not the case, there is no code in this other than the play and replay buttons. It's a large file due to all the music, it's probably your slow connection. If it doesn't work watch in .mp4 format, which is provided.

Man that is deep, I actually clapped.


LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks buddy!

Every damn time I watch this!
it freezes and I never see what the hell happens
plus, this a old ASS computer its WOW! computer yes that is
a really fucking name I cant download shit, does'nt have the paint program, and there is no
way to keep files under control........It was dark.....I'm not playing pokemon again
time for some DOOM!

LinkTCOne responds:

What a ramshackle review! Thankyou!