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Reviews for "Schoolgirl Alfred: "I Remember You""

That last scene looks like something out of YTP. I'm of course not complaining about that, being a huge fan. I felt this was a bit too short. It would have worked better as a full music video. It's still a great cartoon! I'm glad to see Alfred.

He's in so many crazy stuff, it's hard to think of any consistency. I didn't know he was a crossdresser or whatever. The animation's great of course. I'm glad you're still here. The voices were nice too.

4 stars for animation quality + 1 more for Mr. Kaufman.


Love it. Wierd, wacky, and awesome to have Llyod Kauffman as a special guest!!!
Well done. Looking forward to watching more of your stuff :)

You sold out.
Half torso at 1:18
Cutting now cause i saw alfred do it
3/3 stars tho