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Reviews for "Schoolgirl Alfred: "I Remember You""

My aren't we tastefull, understated and classy today.

Pressure from the punters? :D

Woah woah woah...you performed this? That right there is quite cool, as most of us here would just borrow someone's song. You did this one by yourself! I loved how Alfred's character would change throughout the costumes, the lip syncing was easy to follow, and the little story was a nice balance of macabre and silly. And that bit at the end, I had no idea there would be a mixtape--awesome!

YOU SIR ARE TOTALLY SICK, TWISTED, AND PERVERTED! Just getting that out of the way.

What pushed this over the top? The cameos!

Lets face it. A lot of people do some funny sick and twisted stuff in animation. Some of it is funnier then other stuff. On base blush value this was sick and twisted for sure. But like I said something pushed this one over the top.

Cameo #1: Top awards here, the dead body of GG Allin. OMG! That fit the context of this animation perfectly. That cameo was not lost on me. Yes to many this may have been obscure but to any real HC Punker out there the GG reference should not have been lost.

Cameo #2: MISTER TROMA HIMSELF NO LESS! A shout out to Troma was priceless. Again a culturally obscure reference but again one not lost on me. Troma should be very familiar to ANY FILM MAJOR OUT THERE! Toxic Avenger... that is Troma. Of course Troma has a full repertoire of seriously demented B Movies but he is a cult classic in his own right.

I seriously have to wonder how many people out there recognized GG Allin in this.

Props sir. While this was not the pinnacle this was in the snow cap of the mountain of sick and twisted animation. Way to go. This was sick and funny in all the wrong ways. The horrendously obvious sexual and pseudo religious contexts were rife for the twisting. If I did not know any better there also was a k ind of reference to the movie Hellraiser with the cross and chains along with another religious jab included in the scene with the cross and chains with hooks. I was actually surprised this was not a total blood and gore fest which was refreshing.

5 stars. You earned them you sick bastard! (LOL) May Spike and Mike be awestruck by your levels of animated depravity!

emily-youcis responds:

Thanks for your Ripe Review!!
You are correct, the rotting body of Jesus Christ Allin was in this, serenaded and then blasted off to the heavens. I hoped the tats and gravestone made it clear!
Yes, Lloyd is a huge Alfred Fan. He's been promoting my shit, and wants to see the Alfred Alfer movie come to full fruition! It is a huge honor and pride of mine that I got to place him in my favorite meme.
Yes, if you've seen my previous work you would know it is pretty much all over the top and gory, so I wanted to make this one a bit prettier and soothing to the eyes ^__^
Glad you enjoyed the Alfer stay tooned for the movie!

love it

This was a masterpiece. It changed my life in an instance. Thank you for being amazing Emily-chan. Keep at it!

-Matthew Morandi