Reviews for "Trinitas"

This game had quite the promising start, but becomes incredibly dull towards the end. While I appreciate that the controls weren't any more complex than they needed to be, and the upgrade system was simple and to the point, once you have max speed and power, most levels are solved by holding the mouse at the edge of the screen. The weapon upgrades do not offer a large enough change, I was able to beat the boss of the first campaign with the starter bow and full upgrades, and it only took a little longer than it did with the strongest bow. The skills could also use some readjusting, as the arrow rain was far more useful than the powershot was.

The difficulty of this game was strange. Levels 8 and 9 stand out in particular, as I had a lot of trouble dealing with the horde of bomb dudes that spawn at the start of that level. They have so much health, that until I lost several times and upgraded my strength, speed, and bow, I couldn't stop them from dropping off several bombs, and at the same time, there are the flying dudes that my knights can't help with dealing even more damage. Even after I managed to finally upgrade my stats to the point where I could survive, I still took a lot of damage. In contrast, 90% of the enemies on level 9 died before they even made it on-screen, until the bomb dudes showed up. I think their health needs some readjusting, or at least the player needs another way to deal with them.

The second and third two campaigns seem to offer new gameplay, but it only ends up feeling like a reskin of the first one. There's just not enough to keep my interest after the first 15 levels when the rest just feels the same.

This is the bar for all future defense shooters to go over. If future games don't have as stylish graphics, ease of play, and variety of powerups/bonuses, they're doomed.

While it is rather bare bones, with no overarching story or its forced linear gameplay, it looks good enough (really good!) and operates well enough that you won't stop playing because you get frustrated. But there also isn't enough to keep you going through all the levels across the three campaigns.

This is a great time killer and a good start to a "tower defense" game however there are some minor things i noticed that could make the game play much better for either a patch or maybe even part 2.

1.) The skills don't exactly let you know what they are, you learn them as you use them. Would be good to know what they do before you use mana for a skill you might not even need to use.
2.) Mana cost for each skill is unknown. There are times where the cooldown is reset for the skill but I can not use the skill because I do not have the required mana amount. Spamming away at the key for it to hopefully work
3.) Bow upgrades. Yes they look cooler and cost a lot, but do they actually do anything different? Does not tell you if it does any special damage or increase any base skills.
4.) The Knights should be more forward. The bombers sometimes get very close and by the time the knight goes to attack they have already dropped the bomb and massive damage get done to the tower.

Besides those little points that I noticed the game is overall good and fun to play. Keep it up and try and make these changes for the next one.

eh, Tyler's Sentry Knight was better

Meh, Fun but i pushed my Limit to keep on playing all 3 campains with fully upgraded spells and weapons and completed it, it wasnt fun at all, lol... its okay...