Reviews for "Trinitas"

grows boring very quickly. polished but lacking something to make me keep wanting to play through the 2nd campaign

good fun, just wish i could read what the spells i cast did.

An odd one this one. It was real easy until level 7 when the difficulty ramped up something phenomenal. Now a little bit of grinding is okay but it should be spaced out during the course of the game. It should not be a brick wall 20-30 minutes into gameplay. After failing about 7 times, I could afford a couple of upgrades and it went back into being easy again. Until the next level.... *sigh*

The knights are useless. The only enemies I need them to stop are the bomb-layers and they just walk past them. You can't even shoot the bombs they put down.

Also, the game only takes up 60% of the game window (i.e. it doesn't scale), which in turn means I can see enemies appear before they enter the actual game part of the window. I am playing in Firefox but I doubt that's the problem.

The game is fun but too many annoyances have piled up to make it a bad experience overall.

A solid game. Certainly not bad, but not really awesome. I've liked it and even finished it - so, it is good for me.

Some complains, though - receiving the "powershot" spell last looks like joke, because it is, probably, the weakest of archer's spells. Probably, it should be swapped with "rain of arrows" spell.

Also, the game is difficult only in middle of campaigns. Once enough upgrades is obtained, almost all enemies start to die barely making it to the half of screen. So, maybe nerf upgrades a little?

Finally, absence of flying enemies in second and third campaigns is somewhat disappointing. They've somewhat made the gameplay process a bit more harder and interesting.

I'd gladly played more of this game - probably, with some kind of ability tree instead of receiving some unknown perk every several level and more different enemies. That'd be nice, honestly.

Not horrible, everything basically works from a control standpoint, but there's not really any strategy here. The enemy hitboxes are so large and stack on top of each other too quickly. I had to try to miss. Really the issue was that those hitboxes on the enemies' Y-axes are not rigged independently of the Y-axis on the field of play. This means that there's only aiming in a general direction: even if an enemy is "lower" on the playing field the shot will probably hit that enemy first. It takes away quite a bit of target prioritization decisions from the player. Basically they just shoot the closest thing. They rarely have a choice otherwise.

Spell cooldown is often too slow to make it reliable, when you need it to be reliable. Health and speed upgrades made much more the difference here than mana. Health was nice, but if you couldn't kill the enemy in the front of the line fast enough all the others would swarm and kill... even that was a tertiary upgrade priority after upgrading power and speed and the weapon. Become strong enough with the basic firing pattern and one could simply point the mouse in one of two directions and watch the game play itself.

I was thinking from the opening graphic that I'd be juggling three different characters at the same time, different firing types and patterns, swapping characters out if their spells and mana were all used up, with more enemy variety and bosses that had interesting unique attack patterns. That's the game I was hoping to play when I clicked on this. What you have here is functional, but is underwhelming compared even to other games of this type.