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Reviews for "Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle"

This was a great watch. I have nothing else to input besides the fact that I enjoyed it very much.

That was amazing, certainly something unique and hilarious.

I really appreciate how well produced this is. The soldiers aren't animated, but the movements and the especially the camera motions are very well done, as is the voice acting, music, backgrounds, and humor. This is definitely one of the best (and most original) movies I've seen on Newgrounds in a while. Good job!

It's a slight pity most of the nazis later on don't sound quite German anymore, especially the main antagonist (to me) has more similarities to a certain famous Italian plumber than a German. The guard guy in the beginning however was spot-on, also one of the nazis on the plane came quite close (guess same voice-actor) :).

To the voice-actors in question: Please don't let this comment get you down! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to do a convincing fake foreign accent, especially if you have to voice several roles at once. It's just how I as a native speaker perceived the whole thing. Guess every non-German speaking viewer won't have a 'problem' with being convinced anyway :).

Apart from that it was funny, the animation was done well, almost pissed myself when I saw the hitler-masks. Loved how much detail you guys put into the background/'stages' of the story. The James Bond-style showdown was awesome (somehow couldn't stop laughing when that parachute popped up). Please make more :).

Hey, fellow reviewers, why mimic juh ze Ahhnold ze whole time? Vutt has ze Ahhnold juh evuh dun? :D

Very "Robot Chicken." Way funny!