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Reviews for "Military Men: Seize The Snow Mountain Castle"

Yeah, this is amazing. It's good to see that stopmotion is still alive and well.
All the time and effort that must have been put into this video was well spent, because it's funny as hell!
Great Job!

Okay, this was pretty straight up boss man, I hope you do more!

as soon as i saw the Hitler masks, i knew it was going to be good.

Unique and original humor? Engaging plot? Enjoyable, quirky, quality graphics? Good music and sound?
:D Jesus Kris. I mean are u people joking whit me? This was terrible, and I sorry for saying this but I am being honest. The other people before my comment? Not so sure.

It had NO originality at all, and was this a plot by captain america? Good quality? Ewen the plastic soldiers where the cheapest ones . O, and the music... brilliant , better the any elderscrolls ...

And when did america EWER stop "evil" . O but they (the government) did some good to, like NUKING Hiroshima and Nagasaki (only america used nuke against humans ewer) or the napalming of Vietnam, the destruction of the Arabian countries, and many more good deeds.
People... u almost make me cry giving THIS not just a stars maximum, but 4-5 ?
And its made by 6 people... I mean.... i cant find the proper word for this.

Hahaha NO CAPES!!