Reviews for "Kill the Plumber"

This is pretty cool, and a fun way to waste some time.

I'm quite concerned that in level 32 and one previous level it seems impossible to kill the plumber with the cannon.

Also, some of his actions don't make much sense, like avoiding you when he's invincible - though it's noted that if he played optimally, especially while invincible, the game would be literally impossible.

Overall pretty great though.

...Also that ending was ... hilarious and silly as hell.

keybol responds:

I have edited level 32 to be more predictable on how to solve it. yeah it's weird he still avoids goons when he's invincible but we needed one coherent pattern for the AI so players know where to place himself. and that ending! yes I love it too, one of my favorites in the endings I have done

Interesting take on a reverse Mario game!

keybol responds:


fnaf warning play this if you like fnaf well i have all trois games sorry for french i'm sorry xD

keybol responds:

now if only markiplierreal would see this

Very fun game! And really great idea.

you have a air difficulty curve, the ghost stages seem to be more about beeting the RNG then plottinhg a path but i managed never the less, thank you.

keybol responds:

there isn't random stuff in here really, if the plumber face you, you can't move. sometimes it's better to outwit than outrace