Reviews for "Golf is Hard"

Frustrating! But fun.

Nice Game.The Graphics Are Pretty Good And There Are A Fair Amount Of Levels To The Game.This Really Brought Out The True Golfer In Me.9/10,Would Love To Play Again.

A really nice game that I love to pickup these days.
I like the artwork, solid gameplay and music :3

I usually reach hole 18 with 32 hits and then the sucking starts. Can you beat my 38?

colburt187 responds:

on a good day i can do a 33, let me try :)

I really love your work, it represents very well the reality of the golf.

I think you should make a complete golf game basing on this small flash. I really liked it.

colburt187 responds:

Yes maybe i will make a proper golf game, where you play the next shot from where the ball lands, there are plenty already out there though. Super stickman golf on the iPhone is fun.

Fun, simple to understand, and just a little frustrating.