Reviews for "Golf is Hard"

Heck, it was fun!
Annoying, too; first I thought it was a troll game where you systematically didn't win, then realized I was just bad at golf. Aside from that, it was a rather simple yet challenging game. The 8-bit graphics and chiptunes always get me.
I would like to point out how there's someone on the rankings who made the game in 17 shots, like how the **** is that possible?

colburt187 responds:


yeah 17 is not possible, and I'm not sure about the 18 either, don't know anyone who has actually done that, although i did witness a 22 on iPhone. Ive tired to remove the 17 but doesn't seem to work.

8-bit graphics can be charming, but they can also be just plain lazy. This game is a bit of both.

The music's kind of okay, but it comes and goes for no reason at all. At first I thought it was dependent on your score, but nope. I can stand idly and hear it go in & out at random.

The real problem, however, is that the controls are unreliable. "Tap once to aim and tap again to use power" really means "click and hold to aim and release to use power". Or, sometimes it will just do both at once anyways. The "look" button also has to be held down apparently, because clicking it normally makes you just take a wasted swing.

Apparently porting mobile games is hard too.

I will call it. Its very hard but the red just bad.

Let me start off by saying I hate sports games. Yes some how you make it fun o_O are you a witch? Sorry but we dont need this kind of black magic on Newgrounds. lol Fantastically addicting games.

just amazing it has now flaws that i can see just takes your skill and laughs at you while you rage. perfect/ addictive