Reviews for "Create-A-Person"


You have got to be kidding me that was so stupid and pointless. I don`t know what kind of cheap crack you have been smoking, but you`d better come off of it if you want better reviews pal.


sry to say it dude but this game sucked!!!!BIG TIME. I put on the shirt pants hair watever i was bored before i could even say this stinx!!!! dont quit your day job...wait no quit it you pprob suck at that too


Good i liked it it would have been beter if u added more cloths like band t shirts for example slayer metallica etc.. or more misc items but a good job all round

this is great

this was really good except for the fact that its really short. could u PLEASE make a tutorial for making these kinda games?

it sucked cock

this shit is stupid the author of create a ride should kick your ass!!!!!!!!!!