Reviews for "Create-A-Person"

was ok

it was cool, more funny/weird options would have been cool

Was it your first dress-up?

I got a question, was that ur first dress-up? It was a pretty good work but not to 5 star material, sry, but good beginnin!

i'd rather...

1.overdose on sleeping pills
2.bash my skull in with a very blunt object of somekind
3.jab myself in the ear with a key
4.smash my head threw the computer screen to make this stupid game stop(Xing it out is more useful buuut...)
5.(stolen from mortal kombat) snap my arms upwards snap my legs backwards and have my torso fold over and explode...THAN HAVING TO PLAY THAT AGAIN! now i believe this is the most blunt reveiw ever made with out telling you that your a worthless dumb shit and you need to go die thanks you and good bye

That was alright

Not the most ultra cool thing out there...but y'know what, not that bad either. I had fun...made a couple of friends and whatnot.

Good job!

I can't belive i wastes my time onthis!!!

P.I.E.C.E O.F. C.R.A.P