Reviews for "Beast Pixels"

im stuck in the level after the eye

this is so hard

Not the greatest of this variety of game. It would be nice to know if you are getting something wrong. You aren't sure if you are getting a solution right or wrong until it is too late and you basically have to restart from the beginning.

Another picross puzzler. If you are not a fan of picross or puzzles, then this may not be your cup of tea - it is a poor introduction to picross. If you are a fan of picross, then the interface is going to annoy you - there is no basic picross tools - not even the ability to mark dead squares (i.e. squares that are definitely not coloured) - and holding down the mouse only flips a pixel's colour - it does not colour pixels only OR erase pixels only (which depends of first action when mouse is first clicked): annoying when you are trying to colour in spaces between completed sections.

If you persevere, then the puzzles are quite challenging - although for the last few you may have to resort to screen capturing the puzzle into something like paint, when you can use the fill tool to solve it... (I like to mark squares different colours depending on what vein of logic I'm currently running along - I only needed to do this for the last two - and yes they are solvable with mostly logic).

The key to solving many of these puzzles is to remember you are trying to make a picture: this means either there is an underlying symmetry to the picture or there is an outline you can tease out first (outlines in picross are usually obvious...). Some of the puzzles have hints: for the later puzzles you will really need these hints to be able to start or finish the puzzle.

I actually likes the way the puzzles formed pictures - sometimes the white on black silhouette just looks like a splodge until you see it coloured in!! I really didn't appreciate the lack of picross tools - but lucky I only really need to resort to screen caps for the last two.

53xy83457 responds:

Very impressive that you beat the game without it but big square button introduced in puzzle 2- use it to start marking dead squares.

This game is interesting and challenging, though the last 4 levels need a walkthrough.