Reviews for "Beast Pixels"

I was enjoying this game but then it glitched on me. Despite having solved the puzzle it doesn't accept it as solved. Overall an entertaining game from what I got to play though.

Pixelo rip-off, just for the sake of... advertising your old games, did I get it right? I'm not buying it anyway.

Great game initially, but loses its fun once it becomes illogical. Around level 43 it becomes trial and error. This might even be ok if there was a way to mark possibilities. Also, you can meet all the parameters of the puzzle but not hit the authors desired response.

almost reminds me of another game i played on another website called: "Vox Populi Vox Dei" which translates to: A Werewolf Thriller.

The game is fun to play, but after the 10x10 grids, it can shift from understanding to impossible with no warning whatsoever. I'm practically stuck on level 58 as there isn't a "starting line" to begin with. Maybe give a few hints here and there and it can be more fun.