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Reviews for "TD-Cool To Hate"

Jesus Christ do you actually have people walking around schools wearing furry shit in America? because ive been around the block so to speak and I haven't seen any creepy shit like that in public

Hahahahahaha... LOVED IT! Man keep them coming I loved the hate for the furries, the drama and hell all of it! I love the comic in motion style and the randomness of it all.

A lot of hate going around here! I can't recall not really liking anybody in high school or higher, thought that was a step everybody passed past the maturing middle schooling, but maybe I was just extremely lucky. Entertaining episode as always, despite the somewhat uninspiring message. Keep it going!


Wow.. your most angry post to date. Having not gone to college, I have to listen to your rage with open ears. As a life long gamer and afficianado to the artistic crowd.. I hesitate on the blanket dismissal of .. well.. the majority of the culture in them. Yes, there are the selfish, annoying and aggressive parts of all cliques. Having a cartoon that had zero parts of the GOOD in them.. a bit wrong.

Raziberry responds:

I'm sorry I didn't consider all aspects of the personalities of the people I made up.

Here's some advice that someone your age ought to have figured out by now:
Don't take comedy so seriously (or yourself, for that matter).

Weirdos everywhere.
Yes it is great to have your parents pay for your studies, it is like a scholarship, but not as good.