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Reviews for "TD-Cool To Hate"

Did you actually walk around Sheridan and yell at people for being weird and annoying. If so, points to you for standing up to those annoying people and telling them exactly how annoying they are.

Oh, Tim Horton's… does this take place in Canada? Man I miss that restaurant .-.
Anyway, very amusing episode. Can't say I've encountered furries like that, but annoying people singing in public… constantly <.< If only people irl would speak to them like in this video xD
As for business suits… aye, that's practically what my brother wears to school. Wish I could explain why but I've got no idea.

Okay, I LOVE your videos. I love your style. It's an angry, edgy, authentic look at how you're... growing up! It's funny and kinda cute.
I'm really looking forward to your next submission.

hahaha..really fun to watch

Love the colours you added in here, realy makes is Articified(completelu dont know what i just said)
But i realy do like it, keep posting this stuff!
this may be a A+ worth