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Reviews for "TD-Victory Lap"

I just LOVE these as I'm going through almost the exact same thing (and thoughts) as you went through (although I'm not an art student but whatever). Swallowing your pride is indeed quite a hard thing to do but it really helps you "grow up".

You worry over the most trivial things...

Love the artwork, and audio (except for the intro... that was a little disturbing). Blah blah blah... compliments, accolades... definitely keep up the great work. Also, can't tell if this story is following current events or past ones. Betting past, but just curious.

Raziberry responds:

Haha thanks for the accolades, and yes, this story is currently about my life in 2004. It'll catch up.

I took this graphic design class at a community college and the professor locked eyes with this one student. He said, "Didn't I have you in a class before." The guy said, "Yeah, I took this class seven years ago." Everyone laughed when the professor said, "What the hell are you still doing here? You should have graduated by now."

awesome was afraid it would be a while before this came out