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Reviews for "TD-Victory Lap"

Great ending, truly the icing on the cake! :P these are great can't wait until you upload more to NG. always really well done and even though it's more of still pics, with the voice acting it all rolls together in a super animation. kudos!

See, being a grizzled vet can go two ways. The first way is that everyone assumes you're extremely over everything, one spilled drink away from snapping, and they all just leave you alone. You have to appear extremely introverted and unstable to unlock this perk.

The second way is that everyone is trying to extract wisdom from you that you might not even have. This misfortune is exclusively unlocked by-- talking to them... in a relatively friendly manner...


Yeah why in the hell would a teacher practice sensitivity? just let the grind machine do its work, what else can they do? they are teachers! the world of pedagogy must give some sort of pleasure from somewhere, and that is where they get theirs!

Yup that happen to me.

I got the weirdest boner from this.