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Reviews for "ºMystery Gameº"


it was good pretty hard though

Great Idea!

The Osama one had me puzzled for quite a while. Overall an excellent game, but the sound loop really annoyed me after a while. I'd like to see more games of this type, not just by you but by all the artists on NG.

Sucked! *BLAM*

This game utterly sucked. The idea behind it was great, the finding itself was average, but you see a big hand whenever you highlighted one. It sucked. SUCKED SO BAD! There is no word for how bad it sucked, except for that it sucked bad. So in conclusion, this sucked. Bye.

Kinda hard

i had to skip a few, but i think i did all right. and i didn't hear any sound so thats why i put 0 for it.

dude this gets hard

i gave up i couldnt find the one about osama