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Reviews for "ºMystery Gameº"

well not bad

but hate to tell you this but if you right click and press play everytime it gets it every time, ohwell, it was a good idea and I could see you improving onto this one down the road.

Not bad...

But try to think of something a little more intersting than just clicking on the screen.

You're thinking though, and that's good. You've got potential... you just need experience. Try to make the puzzles related to each other and provide some sense of story. I know that sounds difficult but it IS possible.

Try to get a copy of "The Lady or the Tiger", a book of riddles and word puzzles. That might give you some inspiration.




If you're having trouble with the Osama one, the button is at the bottom of the screen in the middle. It's kinda of small. and if you can't find it still, just hold Tab and it will find the button for you :P

I didn't Like it

It was okay, if you're a retard, good work though, keep trying