Reviews for "MURDER"

Pretty fun, and very unique

Great game got all the trophies, and hint. If you want Party in the Dungeon, don't take the red potion, and just keep sending everyone to the dungeon xD. I think you need like 10+. It's funny because the more you add, the more scenery is inside the dungeon :P

It's been a very long time since a game was this funny.

how to get all medals:
Love Always Remains
This one is easy, just let the one wit hthe raising hands grabe you
Like the Love Always Remains achievement just let the Jester grabe you
Try and make it through the game without being killled
Party In The Dungeon
Just by hearing the name of the achievement, not that hard, just get captured around 20 or so times (having kept track)

well looks like that's it also nice game

Omg i even got scared by the joker one XD