Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"


I thought this would be a waste of time...Yet, it was fun and very addicting!
I love it.
I like it.
But hey...

cool game

its a good idea but I'm kinda missing the powerups, and Chaos8807 you dumb fuck, you say its not soposed to be like this an that.. break out is not supposed to be like that, but this isnt break out, and not everything that is compared with each other should be the same.. you dummy.

Good game

It was long and hard only to get stuck ina ring

Nice game

The last level is rather hard compared to the other ones (those orbs cost me some nerves). However nice time killer.

Its alright

Its okay, kinda hard to control the ball with gravity though. The graphics were good and having to bounce the ball in order for it to get anywhere was cool. I give it an 8/10.