Reviews for "Gravity Ball 2"

Nice work

Great twist of the game, although the last level was kinda hard, the rest was easy. For all you who are retarded little monkeys, the password is "skobydob" without the quotes. GREAT WORK


a FUN paddle game, you rock man!

by the way, adding the music was a totally good thing, i loved it thanks alot :)

'best paddle game ever' :)

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:


good ol ...goodness

that game kicks ass tons of it swiming pools filled to the rim with ass!


Real fun-i didnt really expect that.All levels are cool.The game is cool.The idea is cool.If i shutup it would be cool.


good game
repeditive music and repeditive objectives
and the kill button is 2 touchy

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

you're too touchy