Reviews for "Near"

B b b b b bullet Waltz! Expect this is boring. Too few and too slow bullets. I just stood in one place for 2 minutes then got bored. I could almost finish typing this comment without getting killed. The music is somewhat okay. Really, take a look at Bullet Waltz and learn how they made their avoider game challenging yet fun.

silverneo188 responds:

First time making a game in a while mind you. Lol appreciate the negative criticism but you must have hid in the corner to get away with staying alive for 2 minutes without moving. The whole objective of the game is to be as close to the orb as possible to earn more points. Bad review is bad.

When I started the game I just waited and listened to the awesome music.
It has a nice rhythm to it.
The overall menu has a nice-looking sleek design, but it's not perfect.
When I first started the game I had no idea what was going on, so I was grateful to
see you've added instructions.
The idea of the game is very unique. It's wonderfully executed, challenging and fun!

It's nice to see some new ideas come around.
Although it needs some polishing on the design.

A nice avoider with as much challenge as you like and are capable of. It lacks some alternation, though, so it gets boring pretty fast.
Since it is keyboard based, shortcuts for retry and/or menu would be nice instead of mouse control.

It's quite good looking with good music, but it becomes boring after about 30 seconds.

not bad, you made a good choose whit the music, but, the thing is that it gets pretty boring whit time, ┬┐this is a pacience game?, i think there should be an option to make time flow faster, increasing the game difficulty. anyway this would be a good mobile game