Reviews for "Near"

Good music, buggy game. I just hide far inside the walls and I'm immortal.

The game started out fine, but after the first minute, then the second minute, I realized that this was it, it was not going to progressively get more difficult, like other similar games do over a set period of time. Playing this game for 10 minutes was like watching paint dry. ...and you have a medal for getting a million points? That, by my calculations, would take a few hours to get, even standing on the orb - yeah, my play-through was bugged, as I found out trying to die. Honestly, what is the point of playing a game if there is no real challenge, other than trying to stave off boredom. You have a good basic premises, but you need to add more exciting to play and more challenging.

I am writing this review while standing in the middle of the orb. Even when i tried to actively hit the projectiles nothing happened.
The music is okay...

silverneo188 responds:

To be honest I don't know how people are getting this error. I've play tested it and I can seem to die just fine. I actually planned to have a progressive difficulty system but for some reason I cut it, I'll think about that and probably will be adding it in the next update. Thank you for the review.

It seems to be a fine game, but i guess something is wrong with it. While I'm writing this review I'm standing very near the orb (almost touching it) and nothing happens. I don't die, timer's running, points taken. It seems I could just stay in place for as long as it takes to get all the medals for the game.

I had fun. Something still that caught my eye. At ten minutes the timer dropped back to nine minutes and when it hit ten again it jumped to eleven.