Reviews for "Duncan Hill Theme-Metaljonus"

Do you folks like coffee?!?!

Nice remake.


This song has a great bass. And I like that blasting double base. The solo seemed a bit out of place, though. But then it's really hard to fit a solo into a song, so that it doesn't seems to be out of place ^^.
Anyways: Great song!


Do you folks like coffee?? Real coffee? From the hills of columbia
Duncan hills will wake you
From a thousand deaths
a cup of dry bliegh (die die)
Im dying for a cup!!

Lolz, I love this ^^
Solo was a bit out of tune compared to the original...but oh well, lolz
Job well done ^^

great song

it could be a bit longer but its really good.


This is a really really good cover! It would be most excellent if you were to cover more Dethklok songs. I for one would really like to hear a good cover of "Crush my Battle Opponent's Balls" and I think you are probably the only person that would be able to make it better then the original. If you do decide to cover that song, I would definitely want to hear to. I look foward to hearing more music from you. *Rock on*