Reviews for "Duncan Hill Theme-Metaljonus"


Nice Recreation! Sounds Heavier than the original!


Dude, that was fuckin awesome. I don't know anybody that can play Dethklok that fast. You should do way more of this stuff.

Fucking hell!

The solo was awesome as a fucking fuck!

Holy Crapola

It's rare to find a newgrounds audio that is better than the original, but hey, there it is. Can't wait for the vocals.

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks for listening man!

Do you folks like COFFEE?

It's pretty wicked man! Although, I gave it a 9/10 simply because I feel that there were some parts (counting the drums) were a little wrong. However that solo was incredibly blazing, and I give you credit for that, especially because you changed it around a bit and made it cooler than the original! Great work man, I will love hearing the new one with vocals later!

JonSantiago responds:

Well I did'nt want to stick to the original so I switched up the drums. because I thought it would sound better imo. Just because it is'nt played like the original means it wrong. That is why it is a cover song. Nothing too serious.