Reviews for "A Temple Of Two Worlds"

Wonderful game! 5 out of 5!

Awesome little game! I only wish there'd been an extra scene at the end after meeting Beil. Not gonna spoil but you know what I mean. But very sweet and moving. ALMOST got to the end without the walkthrough (quite a feat for me) but the z/p issue fooled me. So simple, yet so confounding (it got to the point where I was wondering "is GENA the daughter?").

Little complaints: the typing system is frustrating (you have to time the typing with the blinking of the black bar). Not a big issue once you figure out how to time it but irksome; I would fix it if you ever did an improved version. Also, a typo: it's manual, not manuel. Since you made this in such a short timespan I don't hold it against you, but again, something you wanna fix if you ever do a second version.

But yeah, really wonderful game by any measure, and especially for being made in several days.

Nice game, I loved the story and the riddles.
By the way, I found a typo in Zatricia's report: "we want see" -> "we want to see".
Waiting for other games!! Thanks for this one!

Well, following the walkthrough, I came up to where I had to enter E3 as camera, and 95Y, but that did not work, and this game does not seem to have save so I'd come back another time, so I'm done there, but it did have me playing for a while.

That was really cool and a lot of fun.

Really hope to see more games like this. A sequel would be awesome.