Reviews for "A Temple Of Two Worlds"

wow fun!! Really tricky and I love the ending (s)

It was good. I got stuck trying to use Zat's password in the wrong place and had to resort to the walkthrough but that was fair enough as a puzzle. But I couldn't get the Reunion camera sequence to work for some reason. Cute and simple.

Quite fun little puzzle. Made me feel clever. =)

Just a few issues: there's a couple of misspellings here and there (most noticeably in the opening sequence, it's "career", not "carrier"). Secondly, when I tried to view the surveillance footage of the reunion, it didn't work when I typed the hour in upper-case, which threw me for a while until I tried lower-case. Lastly, Gena should use the protagonist's name in the conversation at the end, because I'd forgotten it by that point, and had to check the author's comments. =P

Dialogue is a little long, but not bad.