Reviews for "Famous Sculptures Parody"

Kind of always the same game, with sub-par music and long transitions.
The drawings are good, though.

Round 1.
B. Venus of Willendorf.
A. Sphinkx of Giza.
C. The Seated Scribe.
C. Khafre Enthroned.
B. Olmec Head.
C. Chac Mool. (Star on this page, located on shoe.)
A. Moai.
B. Menkaura and his Queen.
C. Nefertiti Bust.
B. Discobolus.
Round 2.
C. Venus of Milo.
C. Apollo Belvedere.
A. Farnese Atlas.
B. The Kiss, Cupid and Psyque.
C. Zeus of Artemision.
B. Capitoline Wolf.
C. David - Michelangelo.
B. The Spinario.
A. The Dying Galatian (Star on this page, located on axe to the left.)
A. Pieta.
Round 3.
B. The Thinker.
B. Christ the Redeemer.
C. Statue of Liberty.
A. Prometheus. (Star on this page, located on the surrounding ring.)
B. The Oscar Statuette.
C. Moon Bird.
B. Walking Man.
A. Bird in Space.
B. Love - Robert Indiana.
C. Jebediah Springfield Monument.
To get the last Medal get every answer wrong.
You're welcome.

Still good games :) !!
For the "Sucker Statuette" you got to have all wrong answers

excelent game but ┬┐how i can obtain the sucker statuette?

I really like these games :)