Reviews for "Famous Sculptures Parody"

This was one of your harder games. Many of the answers are very similar. Some of the wrong answers were not that easy to determine.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Munguia Can u use my idea?

Mopa Lisa ( mona Lisa )

The status of New baby ( the Status of New York )

The last bee ( the last supper )

The bees ( the scream )

Nice twist on the classic famous painting games! :D I think I actually know more sculptures than I do paintings, many of them being monuments you see outside, whereas you'll have to visit some pretty special museums to see the most famous arts on walls. How about one of these with pictures of the people behind the paintings? Or other people... famous people. Nice work!


I love this game and your parodies. =)

The medals are not working for me...