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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

That was quite an awesome game, glad I randomly choose to stick it out.

One question I've got though, would it be possible for you to put a link to where you got the music from? This music was really badass, I would mind listening to it when I'm out for a run sometime.

DeadToast responds:

The artist who made the music is called The Living Tombstone. He's planning to release a soundtrack eventually! :)

This game is utterly amazing. It obviously does not have the best graphics, but there is only so much you can do with a flash game. This game had amazing, innovative gameplay with an incredible slow motion mechanic. I would love to see a sequel, hopefully if there is a sequel, it is longer and possibly even more difficult at some points. Remember, we like it to be long and hard!

Totally fun!

I jumped up and out of the level on something like stage 4 or 5? Brick chimney that you can wall jump back and forth all the way up. =P

Fantastic game, by far one of my favorites.

A game changer.

This is simply one of the BEST games I have ever played here on Newgrounds. It was great. A cool and new idea, great controls, lots of diversity and different things you can do. Like hands-down, best game. The fact you could not only have bullet-time/slow-motion maneuvers, but you can do this all with a variety of weapons. HUGE fun-factor!

This game is nothing less than perfect. A true gem for Newgrounds.