Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

I loved it, the graphics, the bullettime, the delusional banana.THIS IS MY 4TH TIME PLAYING THE GAME AND IT DOESENT FAIL TO THRILL ME! whats up with the ending could you please tell me! and why so short?:(

Consider the following:
1. Shorter than expected. (Silver lining: Wish it was longer...just my biggest problem. I'm sure you worked very hard on this I'd given it a 4 star rating if i got more play time, hell even a 5 star rating. It's really fun)
2. Enemy AI always knows were your at on screen. A wee bit annoying.
3. Needs more zombies. (More of a suggestion for any future games you may make)
4. Needs a bit more story. (Would be nice...not necessary)

if it had all these things, i believe it would be a solid 5 out of 5 stars. (See notes)

BOSS GAME! Had so much fun on it :)

Matrix Maddafackas

Man this game is that great that i could play it over and over again and it never gets boring :D