Reviews for "Sexy Yaoi Sim"

Wow, man. That voice acting was incredible. So full of emotion. I can tell you pick the best voice actors for this amazing animation involving two guys doing buttsmexies. Animation was fluid and great. Characters are interesting. So many positions, dawg. Dat sucking tho. That's some intense stuff in the end (won't spoil any further).

Good job. Make more please, and bring those amazing voice actors back.

this really got to my heart, i think i cried a little because it's the most beautiful thing i've seen

This is beautiful. I have never experienced anything more beautiful than this. He had an onion ass and it definitely brought tears to my eyes. I love this, and I will recommend this to all my friends. I use this game as a conversation starter, and it has been highly successful. I have 1 friend. You, sir, are an inspiration.

This game is hilarious.

This was fabulous.. It needs a bit of work, but its really good. 3/5 :D