Reviews for "Sexy Yaoi Sim"

I created an account just so I could write this review.
This is a piece of art. They say silence of golden, but no.
This is golden.
Also, you know what they say," When in Rome, fuck a lot of gay boys' squarting asses."
That statement reigns true.
Thank you for your contribution towards the politicians in the closet.

Master piece rated 6 out of 5

I laughed a bit, but as a game is totally worthless.

Oooookkaayyy...I will pretend that didn't happen

I really don't know what is this. Ok, you tried to be funny and you get your joke, but i think that most of viewers will react as i did. More or less this isn't even close to be on Game portal. Koala? Well get more ideas and put something better. Sorry but its a blam. o.O