Reviews for "Doug: A Miner Inconvenien"

Nice one Ant :)

Yup. This game is simple, clean, and entertaining. I like the idea, everything feels smooth, and it was fun to play. Good job!

Awsome character, hahah

Aaants responds:

Thanks :)

Decent game for a Ludum Dare, just wondering, what is this song? It sounds eerily familiar.

Aaants responds:

Thanks. It's a collection of piano loops from Garage Band with some modifications to make them 8-bit. I guess you could have played some web games with the same loops in.

Play this simple game in which you merely jump and dodge the obstacles that seek to disrupt your well needed stroll.

This game is a enjoyable little time waster in which you take control of a miner-like-thing and guide him/her on his/her well needed stroll. Avoid obstacles that want to destroy you by jumping (Which is any button) and double jumping as well. You are clearly at the world's gravitational core-line since after you reach a point in depth, the polarities in which you gravitate change, making it for more interesting gameplay. This enjoyable game is worth at least a few tries, and it's at least easier than Flappy Bird.

Personal Review:
I personally have nothing else really to say other than it's worth a try or two. I enjoyed the simplicity of the game and it's gameplay, although the soundtrack did get monotonous (But thankfully, you can mute it). I don't know if there are different stage-changes later on in the game though.

Suggestions: (these are if you decide to update the game or create a sequel)
(1) More than a loop of one song (Although I appreciate that you can mute it)
(2) If there isn't any stage-changes, I suggest including one or two more
(3) Collectibles/Unlockables (Characters, powerups, and the like)
(4) Other obstacles then just spikes (If there are more obstacles then just spikes, then this suggestion can be ignored)
(5) A pause button?

TL;DR: Easier then Flappy Bird.

Aaants responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)

It was made for a competition with a strict deadline, so I won't be able to apply any changes. If I do make an extended version or a sequel, I'll take everything you said on board!