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Reviews for "Doug: A Miner Inconvenien"

Yup. This game is simple, clean, and entertaining. I like the idea, everything feels smooth, and it was fun to play. Good job!

Nice one Ant :)

Decent game for a Ludum Dare, just wondering, what is this song? It sounds eerily familiar.

Aaants responds:

Thanks. It's a collection of piano loops from Garage Band with some modifications to make them 8-bit. I guess you could have played some web games with the same loops in.

Is okay

Aaants responds:

I agree! It's not my best work but I did lose a day of development due to some bad decisions.

I think a few of the 0 or 1 star ratings (obviously not from you) are a bit harsh though; I'm fairly confident that the game deserves to exist :)

Play this simple game in which you merely jump and dodge the obstacles that seek to disrupt your well needed stroll.

This game is a enjoyable little time waster in which you take control of a miner-like-thing and guide him/her on his/her well needed stroll. Avoid obstacles that want to destroy you by jumping (Which is any button) and double jumping as well. You are clearly at the world's gravitational core-line since after you reach a point in depth, the polarities in which you gravitate change, making it for more interesting gameplay. This enjoyable game is worth at least a few tries, and it's at least easier than Flappy Bird.

Personal Review:
I personally have nothing else really to say other than it's worth a try or two. I enjoyed the simplicity of the game and it's gameplay, although the soundtrack did get monotonous (But thankfully, you can mute it). I don't know if there are different stage-changes later on in the game though.

Suggestions: (these are if you decide to update the game or create a sequel)
(1) More than a loop of one song (Although I appreciate that you can mute it)
(2) If there isn't any stage-changes, I suggest including one or two more
(3) Collectibles/Unlockables (Characters, powerups, and the like)
(4) Other obstacles then just spikes (If there are more obstacles then just spikes, then this suggestion can be ignored)
(5) A pause button?

TL;DR: Easier then Flappy Bird.

Aaants responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)

It was made for a competition with a strict deadline, so I won't be able to apply any changes. If I do make an extended version or a sequel, I'll take everything you said on board!