Reviews for "Box Dude TD 5"

TheCrimsonScythe is right, it is impossible to beat the game because of the turret placement restrictions. Personally, I can't make it past the puzzling desert, although I haven't tried the other levels yet. It IS an interesting TD game, but it needs to be improved upon.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks for the review. :) Remember that it is possible to sell turrets- so for example, if you have 3 basic turrets you could replace them with an ultra turret that does just as much damage.

A fun and addictive game.... to bad with so many things that did not work together in the process.

The animation is funny and cute, the color and everything is nice, even the concept of the guns was awesome, and there is only one thing that get in the way.

Its nearly impossible to finish it.

No, not because the difficulty, but because the turrets did not work properly.

For example, the space that required to set turret between turret can change over time, which is just make it simply annoying and irritating. You need to have some space, but that space change depend on the turret headed, so when it attack to enemy, there is some chance to put some turret, but when there is no enemy (on break), you want to put turret there but you simply don't have enough space because the space between turret also count the small range that change depend on where the turret face.

Then the glue gun, which suppose to slow down enemy, but focus on one enemy that goes in first, and totally ignore another enemy that come until either the first enemy defeated or it goes through. This is more than a problem, this will make things did not goes through our strategy, doesn't matter how perfect it is.

About the stages, the first stage (Lush Planet) is probably the only stage that most people can clear, only that stage...the rest is simply ridiculous.

The third level (Volcanic Path) is way too hard, and nearly impossible. Because the space that you can use is simply too few, not to mentioned that this stage is the most problematic with that 'glue gun problem', it only focus on one enemy while the other one that come in one time was like LALALALA FULL SPEED VROOOOM

The fourth level (Bright Moon) is rather more stable and possible to be cleared, even with way too much difficulty too (just look at how many people that can clear the other stage that the Lush Planet)

The only stages that did not messed up with your sanity is Lush Planet and Bright Moon, because enemy will be hit again by the same turret after they goes through some of the route, which is the reason people able to beat the level. Other than that, it was simply impossible, especially the Puzzling Dessert.

If it was a real 'puzzle', then it was a Rubik Cube with 10 tiles on each side, downward impossible.

Other than that, this game is fun and challenging, excellent original art style with eye-candy color, nice and cool music, and was worth the time even if it was unbeatable.

If you fix the flaws, it would be a wonderful game, totally looking forward to the future where it will be better. Good luck!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks so much for the detailed review. :) I'll look into all your points and patch the game up a bit ASAP.

have to say i am stunned very nice game it made me wanna play it till the end some thing i cant say about every game here so smouth and fun you get all the stars and plz keep up the good work XD

JackAstral responds:

Ahaha thanks dude :)

Wow. Amazing! Nice, smooth graphics and very addictive! Good job!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks so much :)

Very fun and addicting game, I really liked how you put medals and a scoreboard to make it even more replayable. The music is very good, the stages were nice and the designs are cute. I really like this game and I hope there is more of these in the future!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks for the kind words :)