Reviews for "Box Dude TD 5"

got every medal, liked the music. and 2 bugs i found was, whenever i placed a 5th Ultimate Blaster, it would aim at its target but not shoot. and after i placed 3 ivy towers, i couldn't click on the third one.

1st: spam basic turrets just enough to clear each wave
2. at about 3/4 red ones start spamming the money turret (2/3)
3 buy the 1500 turret before as soon as possible (sell the small ones if you're short), later on use the yellow turret to augment these
4. spam money turrets as needed
5. spam the 2000 turret after reaching the limit on the laser ones

Nice game. What I personally miss is Upgrades, Health Bar for enemies and being able to see the turret stats before you build them.

Bug: You dont have to build the turrets for the medals, just click them in the buy menu and it Counts toward bought Towers. So you only have to build 4 of 5 Credit Towers, with the 5th clicked you get medal and can press ESC to regain Money

Hey dude, this is a pretty sick game bro. I happened to encounter a glitch tho, if you have 3 poison ivy turrets, it only allows you to click two of them. Anyways, great job, and I love the music!

This is a fun turret game, but the third level is almost impossible. I recommend players to skip the volcanic path level. The medals work, and I earned them all.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks dude :)

Yeah ahah volcanic path is pretty hard- so far only 7 players have beat it xD