Reviews for "Crazy Racers"

1700+ views, but only 13 reviews? ... where are all the bad reviews? Doesn't make any sense to be 3.5 stars when all the available reviews are all 5 stars... wth? O.o

Game freezes quite often. Mostly happens during pause or loading the area. The Russia area music is awfully annoying. Controls are difficult and arrow key 'kick' doesn't work, so you are forced to use z/x to attack.

Why is the Destroyer vehicles weapon so long that is drags against the ground? Also, only the Tractor can flip... if you're in the Destroyer, god forbid your tires don't all touch the ground or you'll have to restart because there is absolutely no way to get it right-side up again... >.<

I grinded a bunch to get all the goodies, but before I can complete Level 16... the game froze again.

Neat game, keep at it. Please stop deleting the comments.

Pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable... It's technically a type of berry.
Otherwise, this was a fun game. Decent mechanics and handling.

-"Did anyone completed the China final level? It's IMPOSSIBRUUUUUU!!!"
-Yes of course. It's simple, and funny. You need just play!!! Good LUCK !!!

Love this game, so simple yet fun!

Did anyone completed the China final level? It's IMPOSSIBRUUUUUU!!!