Reviews for "Crazy Racers"

I just get a big white screen. It doesn't work.

There is such a thing like "Too responsive", and this is definitely it. I shouldn't flip over just because I shortly tapped the key. And what's up with the unavoidable weapon?

Also, clearing level 3 unlocked level 5, but not level 4, for me. Bug?

All in all: Nice idea, but the execution needs some serious rethinking.

Way to touchy and boring, repetitive levels, not to mention that "oh you're in first let the first guy hit you and so will everybody else with no way to block it"

On the second level hundreds of crates kept spawning in on the track.
I'm guessing that's a bug.

Woo, racing with tractors! Fun idea, and plenty of both graphical and functional variation with levels and upgrades, but I was a little annoyed with how it's not always easy to differentiate between foreground obstacles and the background. Since they're not different shades at all, you need to learn for yourself. Keep it going!