Reviews for "GatherX"

Nice. Cool graphics, good music... I just couldn't stop playing cause I wanted to know the ending... SPOILER: But it was so shitty! A "You Won" sign? I know you can do much better than that. Maybe something related to the plot?
Gameplay was great, very balanced.

2h all BOUGHT 16k clicks still plant alive
but i didnt signing

minus one for excesive clicking

Not bad in terms of a time waster, I kept thinking back to cookie clicker in terms of excessive clicking.

I felt like there should have been more upgrades to be idle. Also a better ending would have been nice at least something in terms of the opening story. Finished in 1:22. Mouse keys ftw.

For those tired of clicking way to much try mouse keys. In windows 7 shift+alt+num lock will activate them. After that, 5 on the numpad = 1 click, + on the numpad = doubleclick. Press 5 and + at the same time and it will click rapidly til you let go.

Only problem I found with using mouse keys is it doesn't always count the clicks so I ended with only 1741 clicks.

To be honest; i cheated. 1hr 50 mins All upgrades
only a few complaints for this game and that was bound to the initial descriptions of powerups for yourself. Will come back for another round one day though.