Reviews for "GatherX"

Not bad in terms of a time waster, I kept thinking back to cookie clicker in terms of excessive clicking.

I felt like there should have been more upgrades to be idle. Also a better ending would have been nice at least something in terms of the opening story. Finished in 1:22. Mouse keys ftw.

For those tired of clicking way to much try mouse keys. In windows 7 shift+alt+num lock will activate them. After that, 5 on the numpad = 1 click, + on the numpad = doubleclick. Press 5 and + at the same time and it will click rapidly til you let go.

Only problem I found with using mouse keys is it doesn't always count the clicks so I ended with only 1741 clicks.

To be honest; i cheated. 1hr 50 mins All upgrades
only a few complaints for this game and that was bound to the initial descriptions of powerups for yourself. Will come back for another round one day though.

7:15:56!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! divided between 2 days lol- only concern about this, is that some of the upgrades cost ridiculously too much, but WHATEV! guess i wasn't a money-making machine
really liked the artwork by the way
now i'm gonna go put a brace on my wrist and call in from work

ALL UPGRADES BOUGHT, LOL, this is a real time killer
I will eventually come back to finish that 50.000 click score when i have nothing to do :P

Did it! finished every thing except "Like a Boss", and it was strangely fun. I'm usually not into games like this, but I was kept entranced by the achievements and well made visuals. Though only needing one button is...meh, and the game can just be left, and you'll win faster. To sum up, it's fun and simple, yet time consuming